Early Years

Working for babies

Reporting on the impact of the initial lockdown on babies – hidden harms and lessons to be learned.


Our commitment to childminding

Report from Scottish Government


5 Big Questions on the Under Fives

A comprehensive study of attitudes towards bringing up children from conception to 5 years.

Young children are intuitive urban planners

We would benefit from living in their ‘care-full’ cities

COVID-19 Early years resilience and impact survey

Public Health Scotland report on how children aged 2–7 years have been affected by COVID-19. 


How Children Process Grief and Loss Through Play

Young children will likely process the tumultuous events of 2020 in the only way they know how—through play. Here’s how adults can be supportive.


Pre-5s physical activity matters because of the developing brain

Making the most of opportunities to be active are perfect ways to get kids and families moving together.


Re-opening school age childcare services

Guidance for school age childcare providers to support a safe re-opening during Phase 3.


Supporting children with additional support needs through play

From Northern Ireland-based Playboard, a new guide that will help child professionals.


Realising the Ambition: Being Me

The guidance builds on the original principles and philosophy of Pre-Birth to 3 and Building the Ambition. This refreshed early years national practice guidance for presents key information about the characteristics of child development based on research and evidence.

Early Learning and Childcare is Changing

The entitlement to 1140 hours a year of Early Learning and Childcare explained.

Early Level Play Pedagogy Toolkit

This toolkit supports practitioners working with children in the Early Level to use play pedagogy to support learning and development. It is designed to be used in conjunction with Curriculum for Excellence and the guidance ‘Realising the Ambition: Being Me’.

How good is our early learning and childcare?

Education Scotland have revised the framework for self-evaluation for the early learning and childcare sector in consultation with practitioners.

Free training modules for early learning practitioners

The single most important driver of the quality of a child’s early learning and childcare (ELC) experience is a high quality workforce. Modules will be released throughout 2020.

Out to Play

Step-by-step guidance and practical advice for early learning and childcare practitioners on how to access outdoor spaces to create safe, nurturing and inspiring outdoor learning experiences.

Listening to children and using the arts

Researchers from Strathclyde University have been exploring whether the arts can help ensure our youngest citizens have a voice.

Settling children when starting primary school

Practical tips for younger children starting school or changing school.

When kids of mixed ages play together there are benefits for all

Younger and older children are naturally drawn to each other in play.

Anyone can play

Anyone Can Play is part of the Zero Tolerance Talking Gender series. It is all about how to talk to people about Gender Stereotypes and their effect on children.