‘Coronavirus and My Life’

Children share their thoughts and feelings in words and art.

Covid-19 Mitigation Measures

Summary of evidence on mitigation measures aimed at children and young people.

Working for babies

Reporting on the impact of the initial lockdown on babies – hidden harms and lessons to be learned.

COVID and inequalities

How has the response influenced health and wellbeing across society?

What Scotland Learned

Capturing innovative practice from learners, parents and educators from lockdown.

Connect’s Parent/Carer Back at School Survey Report

Most children are happy to be back at school – but there are 6 key asks that must be responded to.

Positive pandemic projects

Child’s Rights International Network looks at positive examples of responses to the pandemic.

Strengthening support for school staff

A package of measures to help manage additional pressures of Covid-19.

Meeting the Challenge of Covid-19

How has practice has changed in terms of care and protection?

Covid-19 impact on children, young people and families

A summary of evidence.

Supporting Care Leavers during the pandemic and beyond

From the Scottish Care Leavers Covenant Alliance

Covid-19 Education Recovery

A single point of access to guidance and support

15 stories

Families with younger children talk about the pandemic and return to early learning/school

Back to school but how are children doing?

Children’s Parliament’s new report asks: Are there signs of recovery?

COVID in Colour from Intercultural Youth Scotland

The experiences of young Black and People of Colour Scots.

Libraries, Lockdown and Looking ahead

What will it take to unleash the full potential of public libraries?

Covid-19 Education Recovery Group infographic

Infographics providing a weekly snapshot of current COVID-related data in relation to children and young people

Community and Third Sector Recovery Programme 

Support for organisations giving support through the shift from lockdown to recovery.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): organised activities for children

Guidance for the safe running of organised activities for children and young people.

How are you doing?

Children’s Parliament’s survey will capture children’s experiences in this period of recovery.

COVID-19: Guiding Framework to support phased renewal of youth work

Some face-to-face delivery can resume both indoors and outdoors.

COVID-19 Advisory note on physical education, music and drama in schools

Helping to find safe ways of undertaking activities.

Covid 19 and the effects on mental health and wellbeing

A survey for young people who were in S4/5/6 in May: ‘In isolation instead of in school’ (INISS).

Understanding the rules for face masks

Young people with additional support needs can check out the advice from Reach.

Cost of the School Day Resources

The Covid-19 crisis means that many more pupils face challenges to their ability to participate fully in the school day.

Guidance on school visits and trips

Sets out the current position in relation to school trips planned for the autumn term.

A tool to reflect on lessons learned

As systems prepare for reopening we must reflect to identify strengths, needs and system gaps.

Managing the transition back to school

A guide for schools and colleges from the Anna Freud Centre

Compassionate transitions

British Psychological Society guidance with a a psychological perspective on the return to school.

Global responses to education recovery

Education Scotland curate the most helpful materials from around the world

Five things not to do when schools reopen

From Pasi Sahlberg, Professor of Education Policy, University of New South Wales.

COVID-19: Evidence and intelligence on impact on children and families

With a focus on those experiencing the greatest challenges.

Supporting young carers in education during covid-19

Highlighting the issues faced by young carers and ways to support young people with the return to school.

Providing youth and community work safely

New guidance for partners in the CLD sector for Phase 3

Lockdown, poverty and educational outcomes

The Cost of the School Day project has explored the challenges of learning at home.

‘Time for a clean slate’

A report from Barnardo’s England putting wellbeing at the heart of education after Covid-19.

Re-opening school age childcare services

Guidance for school age childcare providers to support a safe re-opening during Phase 3.

Children and young people ‘increasingly isolated’ in lockdown

The views of children and young people with experience of the justice system.

Why we need to be kind: a recovery curriculum

Professor Barry Carpenter describes how a recovery curriculum could be implemented.

Advice for parenting teens during Covid-19 from Home Start

Tips to help guide conversations about talking to teenagers about staying inside and how they are feeling.

Covid-19 may push millions of children into child labour

UNICEF and the International Labour Organization say gains made could be lost.

Advice for teachers and other school staff on school re-opening

A letter from Government and COSLA on priorities for teachers and other school staff.

Children need to play again

When lockdown is lifted, children should be allowed to play with their friends as soon as possible.

Supplementary National Child Protection Guidance updated

Guidance updated to reflect the impact of Covid-19 on children and families.

Summary of scientific evidence and re-opening schools and early learning and childcare

Evidence is being built internationally, across the UK and within Scotland.—scientific-evidence/

Coronavirus: Is it safe for children to return to school?

The evidence from the return in other countries explored.

Coronavirus play updates from Play Scotland

Children need play to survive and thrive. It is through playing that children make sense of their world.

We need to prepare for the mental health effects of coronavirus

US article highlights the work we will need to do.

Easy read information about Coronavirus

Easy Health have published a range of materials for people with learning disabilities to help them understand and navigate responses to the pandemic.

Protect vulnerable children’s rights during the pandemic

The United Nations’ Secretary-General António Guterres has issued an impassioned plea for the world to protect the rights and education of vulnerable children.

Managing your family’s cabin fever!

In an environment of self-isolation we need to be especially wary that the added stress could have us defaulting to an unhelpful communication style at home.

Re-opening schools: what’s best?

Is it safe for children and young people to return to school?

You are not alone

A new film from Scottish Women’s Aid for young women who are experiencing domestic abuse during lockdown.

Beating the Virus illustrated by Lucy Bergonzi

A short wordless story to help people understand what to do if you have Coronavirus and how to keep yourself and those who you care about safe, from publisher Beyond Words.

Tips for remote primary teaching

A teacher in Italy who has been teaching primary pupils remotely for seven weeks explains what she has learned.

Is pupil feedback useful at the moment?

Giving pupils remote feedback at this time risks widening the gap between the most and least able, argues Ian Taylor.

The lockdown, children in care and family contact

The ‘lockdown’ is impacting on children’s connections with family. An open letter from Parents Advocacy and Rights

Outdoor Play at Emergency Childcare Settings – Guidance on COVID-19

Care Inspectorate guidance acknowledges that spending time outside, engaged in active play, is good for the mental and physical health, while also following the advice given.

Coronavirus is the cause of anxiety and concern

CAMHS resources to support children, young people and families

Supporting young people’s mental health

Advice from the Anna Freud Centre on support during periods of disruption.

Sex, alcohol and Covid-19

Unintended pregnancy is a concern, but the risks of an unwelcome outcome are elevated by the well-kent combination of alcohol and sex.,sex-alcohol-and-the-covid19-pandemic_15379.htm

Coronavirus a book for children

By the Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler from Nosy Crow books, free to download.

Enquire information on Coronavirus

Enquire is the national advice service for Additional Support Needs and learning.

My learning and support during coronavirus

Reach provides information for young people with additional support needs, find out more here on Covid-19.

Covid19, children’s care and protection

One stop shop for information from CELCIS – on residential care, kinship care, adoption and foster care. With content for care-experienced young people, social workers and teachers too.

Child contact and Coronavirus

It is understandable that there may be anxiety about child contact arrangements and what this might mean for children. Information from Scottish Women’s Rights Centre.

COVID-19 plain language info

A booklet by and for people with disabilities.

Coronavirus Social Story

Free social story by Little Puddins Autism Educators


Supporting and reassuring children around the world

Best coronavirus resources for parents

Parenting Across Scotland have considered what families might need just now and put together the best information and resources – from play to mental health to benefits and more. To be kept up to date, with more added as they become available.