Are you trauma informed?

Professional learning and resources curated on the National Improvement Hub page.

Challenges from the frontline

Barnardos/NSPCC report shows needs escalate as support diminishes

Childhood trauma can speed biological ageing

Adversity early in life has a direct effect on children as they grow

Child poverty: where are the children?

Understanding child poverty should be a priority but the voices of children are missing.

ACEs factsheet from Scottish Government

On work to prevent and reduce the negative impact of childhood adversity and trauma.

Domestic abuse information for educators

A resource on the nature of domestic abuse, its impact and how to respond

Domestic abuse during lockdown

Evidence on domestic abuse and other violence against women and girls.

Expert legal advice to tackle homelessness

Young people can get free advice from Clan Childlaw’s new Housing Law Response Project.

We need to prepare for the mental health effects of coronavirus on kids

Why children will need more help. Article from the U.S.

State of Children’s Rights Webinar: Violence Against Children

This seminar will focus on some of the key issues highlighted in Together’s State of Children Right’s 2019 report and is part of the countdown to the next examination of the UK’s progress in implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Ways to get insight into how your kids are handling stressful times

Kids don’t need specific answers, they need broader certitude that they are loved and will be taken care of — certitude that makes the ambiguity of the moment manageable.

Coronavirus is the cause of anxiety and concern

CAMHS resources to support children, young people and families


Keep our eyes and ears open for children at risk.

ACEs in context

Principles are proposed that inform how we understand and use ACEs research and questions.

Children in conflict with the law

The youth justice system must change if Scotland is to uphold commitments to the UNCRC.

Dogs in the classroom

Can therapy pets support the development of self-regulation?

Supervision in Education – Healthier Schools for All

Barnardo’s Scotland report  on the use of Professional or Reflective Supervision in Education.

The Triune Brain

Explained by children

Trauma informed practice

Understand the impact of trauma and know how to adapt how you work.

Asking for and finding help

Many children who are worried are not telling anyone.

Harmful sexual behaviour by children and young people: Expert Group report

Proposals to improve prevention and early intervention in response to harmful sexual behaviour involving children and young people.


Resources for parents of children who have experienced trauma.

Learning empathy

In Denmark, learning about empathy is part of the curriculum.

Leveraging the best available evidence to prevent ACEs

New research and analysis from the US on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).